Who are these PPL?: Five questions, #5

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The PPL is diverse, by definition: we are bloggers, photojournalists, artists and entrepreneurs of varied ages and backgrounds committed to supporting independent media during the 2012 DNC. But let’s get a little more specific.

So who are these PPL, anyway? In this five-question series, you’ll get the quick-and-dirty on the folks making this thing happen.


Michael J. Solender.

Years in Charlotte?

I moved to Charlotte in 2001. Prior to that I lived in Winston Salem (three and a half years), Richmond (three years), Los Angeles (10 years), Washington, D.C. (one year), Melbourne, Fla. (three years) and Minneapolis, MN (23 years). I like to move – NOT!

Claim to fame?

I am an independent journalist and the City Life Editor for Charlotte Viewpoint. I wish I were golfing right now.

What are you looking forward to at the DNC?

People from across the country catching a glimpse of Charlotte and what we have going on here. It will be fun to show off a bit.

Why are you a part of the PPL?

I am excited to help establish a platform where non-mainstream grass roots citizenry can share the pulpit, express themselves and be part of the process of vetting ideas. America is truly a model for democracy for the rest of the world – that we can all play a part is a pretty heady notion. Not everyone is divisive. It will be tremendous to illustrate the fact that there will be an informed exchange, and the PPL will play a large role in creating that platform.

To be part of the arts community that is rallying around engaging ideas to showcase local work is also exciting and fun. The talent associated with the PPL is staggering, and the energy being created is great fun and inspirational.

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