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Who are these PPL?: Five questions, #7

Posted by on Mar 12, 2012 | 0 comments

The PPL is diverse, by definition: we are bloggers, photojournalists, artists and entrepreneurs of varied ages and backgrounds committed to supporting independent media during the 2012 DNC. But let’s get a little more specific.

So who are these PPL, anyway? In this five-question series, you’ll get the quick-and-dirty on the folks making this thing happen.


Joanne Spataro.

Years in CLT?

I’ve lived in Charlotte since 1994. My parents are native New Yorkers and we moved to the South when I was a baby. I am a blend of Northern and Southern culture, which puts me in good company with newcomers and lifelong Charlotteans alike. To put it in food terms, a bagel with cream cheese is my first choice, but I can’t resist a Bojangles biscuit!

Claim to fame?

I’m a freelance writer, editor and cultural arts buff. My articles appear every Thursday in the ArtsAlive section of The Charlotte Observer. I write about artists, art supporters, and everything in between. As a contributor to Creative Loafing, I cover fantastic events, including the 2012 Human Rights Campaign Gala. I recently appeared on The Paul Brown Show to talk about the Charlotte art scene and my journalism career. I also have a news/entertainment blog called Look It’s Joanne.

What are you looking forward to at the DNC?

I can’t wait to see elected officials and delegates enjoying our city. I hope to see them eating in our local restaurants and taking in the cultural scene. Since it is “The People’s Convention,” I hope they will feel free to reach out to the independent media. Of course, I will keep my eyes peeled for famous faces and say hello. I also have orders from my mom, who’s a big fan of MSNBC’s Hardball, to chat up host Chris Matthews.

Why are you part of the PPL?

I believe in how The PPL empowers the independent media community. As part of this progressive team, I want to drill down to the core issues of the DNC. I’m using my writing and editorial skills to provide our audience with excellent, reliable, and entertaining content. I love The PPL’s team environment and how our varied talents combine to achieve the same goal.

I’m hoping viewers will rethink what it means to be an independent writer/artist. Many people see blogging as a solitary activity done in the vacuum of the internet. We are breaking that stereotype by putting diverse bloggers together in one room. Making connections in real space is crucial to continued forward-thinking and sharing new ideas.

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