‘Young people are crucial’: Youth Civic Engagement

Posted on September 4, 2012 by Corey Conner

In a push to get youth involved and educated in Politics, creating an informed public, panelists Jocelyn Sida, Casey Aldridge, Anne Johnson, and Loan Tran discuss Youth Civic Engagement in America.

With a strong variety in background, each of the panelists has a background in community organizing.  From political campaigns to politically engaged youth organizations, the panel brought ideas and suggestions to empower youth to care, and get involved in their communities.

Though the video is the best way to hear what this awesome group had to say, these are some of the tweets that we felt were some of the key points of the discussion.

  • Young people are crucial to the change that needs to happen. “We hold so much power,” says Loan Tran. #ThePPL #DNC2012
  • People don’t say “I’m so marginalized,” but they say, “This sucks!” – Loan Tran More about Loan: http://theppl.us/loan-tran #ThePPL
  • Loan Tran: Young people are not learning about what other young people have done/are doing. Storytelling is key. #ThePPL #DNC2012
  • Jocelyn Sida: People can use social media for more than just being social, but to inform your community about what’s going on. #ThePPL
  • Casey Aldridge: What you need to have [to make change] is every single generation bringing what it has, what it needs. #ThePPL #DNC2012
  • Anne Johnson: The millennial generation is HUGE. The Dream[Act]ers pushed and pushed and pushed until Obama acted. #DNC2012 #ThePPL


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