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Posted on September 4, 2012 by aswineha

This Week in Blackness, better known as TWiB, hosted its live broadcast today at the @PPLDNC headquarters. TWiB is a website-based advocacy organization.

Host Elon James White, co-host L. Joy Williams and special guest “Angry Black Lady” wasted no time and got right down to business. They all voiced their opinions on the end of the Republican National Committee that took place last week, sharing their thoughts and opinions and not holding back.

White believes that Eastwood is not crazy but knew what he was doing.  Angry Black Lady agreed with him and went on to say “I think Sam Jackson needs to go up there to yell.”   Williams disagreed with White and Angry Black Lady: “We are trying to win an election.”

The PPL ‏@ppldnc #twib reflecting on the end of the #RNC and talking about what they expect from the #DNC #ThePPL watch live at

They also covered other hot-button topics, such as Romney’s views on the poor and how he can’t empathize with them.

#twib @angryblacklady: “Mitt Romney is not capable of empathizing with poor people.” The problem’s not that he’s wealthy. #the PPL.

Everyone agreed that Anne Romney’s story about herself and her husband seemed far reaching.  The panelists said the Romneys have never been poor and can’t empathize for that reason.

The panelists also spoke of what they were hoping to hear from Michelle Obama in her speech this evening.  They hoped she could re-humanize Obama and get the support he desrerves.

#twib‘s thoughts on Michelle Obama’s speech tonight #ThePPL watch live at

They closed the show saying that they believe that women’s rights are going to be the key to the election this year.

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